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Fundraising Success

Laurie Z. Menard (Director Of Development, The Centers)
"...Our Dinner Show Series met, and then exceeded the expectations of all our sponsors and ticket holders....Your production company has the unique blend of attractive performers, whom are not only incredibly talented, but are also highly responsible and professional.....I appreciate the fact that your production team has been willing to collaborate with me in the creation of the perfect show for a particular audience and fundraising goal.  Your ideas are clever and fresh....Our entire experience of working with Music LIVE! Inc. has been an overwhelming success, and we are looking forward to renewing our contract, and anticipate another successful year of live entertainment!"


Fundraising success in a time of financial crisis is not only possible, but can even be FUN!

While the media continues to focus on the depressing news on Wall Street, organizers and advocates around the country are dealing with the real economic fallout of job losses, foreclosures, and growing economic anxieties in communities. The work of community organizations and service agencies is especially critical to ensuring the efforts to turn around this economic crisis in our communities. 

In fact, most service organizations are worrying about their own budgets and how much money is coming in, and just like families are, they’re organizing. Raising money for the important work of community organizing has gotten more and more creative and sophisticated in recent times.  

The fact is, fundraising is all about building and maintaining relationships. Keeping reliable financial supporters close to you matters now more than ever. Instead of just making the same tedious fund drives, consider more creative ways to keep your closest, loyal donors supporting your organization.  Many charitable organizations are reaching our to their contributors by inviting them to a series of Dinner Show Fundraisers throughout the year.  This keeps funds rolling into the organization throughout the year while at the same time as fundraising, FRIEND-raising.  

Fun, entertaining events with good music and good food is a great way to keep your most loyal donors close to your organization while at the same time providing them with a great way to introduce their friends and prospective new donors to your organization. 

Remember that your job is to keep your organization fiscally healthy not just in good times, but even more so in challenging and scary times. Keep your volunteers, contributors and donors close to you by involving them in enjoyable events like dinner shows. Remain positive about your organization and its future. Talk up your work and the crucial impact you are making. Get your organization's name out there in the community by offering frequent events that draw people to your organization.

Together we can make it happen!