Why choose Music LIVE!?

Music LIVE! is unmatched in talent - every performer is hand-chosen for each show design.  We have a large selection shows already up and running and a vast roster of performers appropriate for each show.  We custom design new shows for our clients.  Our show concepts and designs are the most clever, fresh and innovative in the business.

Our performers adhere to a CODE OF ETHICS which outlines professional business conduct.  Our CODE OF ETHICS is strictly enforced.

Loyalty and Honesty
All Music LIVE! performers and staff are trained, responsible, professional business people with experience.  We are honest and loyal to our clients and our clients' customers.

We pay attention to our clients' needs and we listen to you.  Our clients can reach our President and CEO 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We are available at all times for any issue or question which may arise no matter how large or small.

Product Monitoring
We have on-site inspectors who regularly monitor and update each and every show to ensure overall quality and keep each show fresh and alive with the latest, most appealing and up-to-date repertoire.

Because Music LIVE! is a production company and NOT a talent agency, owning a Music LIVE! show is like having bought wholesale.  No agency fees and associated overhead.  You pay a great price for a great production.

Our client is our #1 priority!
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